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Thursday December 5th, 2013

Villa Heights Community Meeting - Minutes from 11/11/2013



Villa Heights Community Meeting


Board Introductions (Titles and Responsibilities)

The Villa Heights Community Board


  • Rhonda is the President and will be heading up community events.
  • Angela is the VP and looks forward to meeting everyone in the neighborhood.
  • Jill is the Secretary and will be corresponding to the neighborhood via email and is available to answer any questions you might have.
  • Collin is in charge of crime prevention and neighborhood watch. He will be the liaison between the police and community. Let him know if you have anything specific to address.
  • Matt is the outstanding quality of life chairman. He will also be working with code enforcement and filling in the gaps on the board.
  • Parker is the Treasurer and serving as the interim ways and means as well as the garden committee

Focus Charter School


  • No-show

Update on Community Garden/Neighborhood Matching Grant; Arts Science Council Public Art; Other Grant Opportunities

Parker Vollmer


  • We have received a grant for the Community Garden in Cordelia Park. 
    • There is a meeting Wednesday night to learn how to allocate the provided funds ($17,038).
      • Will also learn about the schedule and how the garden will roll out.
      • Will need to sign grant that we are receiving.
      • Will be informed on the reporting process.
      • Soil testing will happen this month.
      • Anticipating a January 1st kick-off.
      • Would like to have fences up, garden shed done, boxes in and site plowed, by mid-March.
      • Three different volunteer areas: Construction (construct garden shed made of all recycled materials - Jamie Kent creating design, Seeding and Planting, Administrative).
      • Can still sign up to volunteer, and if you have special skills, please let us know.
      • The garden schedule will be determined by parks and recreation, as well as the school schedule.
      • The garden will have a lock box.
    • Public Art for the neighborhood
      • Application due this Friday with the potential or receiving $23,000 for local art.
      • This is city-managed but the neighborhood can give input.
        • Public benches (along Grace & Pinckney), signage, etc
      • If you have any construction or material support, let Parker know.


Cheer Station for Thunder Road Marathon 11/16

Rhonda Mathis


  • We will have a cheer station at 26th and Davidson in conjunction with Noda Brew Run Club. We want the runners to vote for us as best cheer station.
  • If we win we can get $1000 from the organizers of the marathon and $1500 from Lululemon
  • Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come out.
    • Encouraged to make a sign, wear a costume, and bring noise makers…anything to grab attention.
    • Organizers will provide cowbells and Michelob Ultra cans.
    • The runners will be passing by from about 9:30am -12:00 pm with set up at 9am.
    • Will also have a food truck present.

Neighborhood Watch

Collin Beck


  • Went to Eastway department with Angela and spoke with Lt Arrington to build relationship and open lines of communication.
  • If you see a problem/witness an issue, call 911. If you feel like you are not getting result you want, look to get a supervisor.
  • If there is a continual problem/house, ask police and code to target 5 different houses.
    • Email and we will compile the 5 houses to target.
    • Noise permits
      • We don’t have control over what is going on downtown. Can they let Neighborhood know about issues ahead of time so we don’t clog up the 911 lines?
      • Will bring it up to the LT next time.
      • May be good idea for residents to contact City Council person
      • CharMeck website has calendar of activities going on downtown.  Use this link “notify me” to receive updates via email.

  • Parker will look for potential Grant money for crime prevention plan
  • Used to have block captains
    • One person that can “take control” as point person of different areas of the neighborhood
    • Would officers purchase surveillance systems for homes instead of using money on manpower?
      • Collin will bring up with Lt Arrington
        • Would they set up surveillance in someone’s house when they are out of town?
        • Officers have discussed doing surveillance in our neighborhood before.
        • Idea to have individuals with surveillance systems email Villa Heights in the instance that there is a break in and your camera has caught it.
          • statistics of crime in area.


Crime Update


  • 5 non-aggravated assaults
  • 2 fraud
  • 2 larceny from autos
  • 2 missing persons under 16 (were found)
  • 2 other criminal
  • 2 vandalism
  • 1 auto theft
  • 1 hit and run
  • 1 shoplifting
  • 1 larceny from building
  • 1 larceny - other
  • 1 possession marijuana
  • 1 other non-criminal incident
  • 1 residential burglary (2400 block Lydia)
  • 1 attempted suicide
  • 1 stolen property


  • Less reported incidents than NoDa (trimming down on crime figures).
    • There is an uptick of crime throughout the city


  • Watch neighbors’ cars.  If you have a light that you can project on a car, especially motion activated, it is a good deterrent.
  • Motion activated lights around house and security systems are best.
  • Shots were fired in a Charlotte burglary where they fired shots at homeowner.
    • Don’t confront anyone.
    • Burglaries mostly occur when everyone is at work.
    • Let neighbors know if you are at home for most of the day.
    • No reports of gunfire in Villa Heights.
    • Parks close at dark, so no one should be in the park or parking lot.
      • Maybe we can get some signage or gates.
      • Park watch is a voluntary program. If we can get a Park Watch volunteer assigned to Cordelia Park and a gate they could possibly lock it up at night.
      • Establish block captains for each street so information can float up from captains.
      • Omar Anthony is out of jail and back on Everett Street.
        • Mecklenburg sheriff department inmate search (Omar Anthony for mugshots).
      • Do not be reluctant to call 911
        • You are always able to make anonymous calls.
      • More traffic on The Plaza and Holt near the dumpster.
        •  Older homeless men.
      • Increased activity on Clemson Avenue
        • Using new tools to crack down on people – search warrants – targeting locations to bust down on drugs.
      • If felon with a gun in Project Safe Neighborhood, should be indicted for 5 years.
      • CMPD will likely not purchase surveillance systems for individuals to use at their own homes but encourages individuals to install cameras on their own.
      • CMPD would consider setting up in vacant houses to perform surveillance on problem houses but only in situations where this is warranted.

Support Letter for Veritas Charter School


  • We have draft letter that Veritas would like us to sign for the office of charter schools.
    • They are submitting the application/business plan to the state.
      • Due December 6th
      • This is not a letter limiting other schools in are area; just supporting this school.
      • Katy Ridnouer is the founder and works at CCPC as a professor and has taught for 20 years.
      • Looking for school to open in 2015.
      • Veritas has approached the other communities (Noda, Plaza Midwood, Shamrock) included in the letter for their support. Noda chose not to sign the support letter.
      • Looking to bring quality education back to the area.
      • Concerns from the community:
        • A community school isn’t possible
        • No guarantee that a Villa Heights child will even get in.
        • Wants to focus on our neighborhood of children that are underserved.
        • A neighborhood school is a fight for CMS.
        • Vote was approved –will be signing letter for Veritas


Local Business Promotion



  • Bill Crotinger – lives in neighborhood on Holt and started a landscaping company Sequoia Land Design  to help build up the neighborhood.
  • – will help beautify area (raking leaves, custom artwork, renovations, artwork, etc).
  • Over 20 years in landscaping.
  • Willing to help with the community garden.
  • Is there the possibility of a beautification grant to help with the run-down properties?


Q&A, Additional Discussion Topics



Please email with anything to add to agenda for next month.


  • Angela would like to implement a Seniors connect group in 2014 for those who don’t have internet access or a way to stay connected.
  • Corner of Parkwood and Pegram – At one point the City was trying to purchase this land and Parkwood Food Mart but the deal was not approved. Per Angela developers are still working on a plan for these parcels.  

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