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Monday October 14th, 2013

VHCO Annual Meeting Tonight to Elect New Board Members


All VHCO Board positions are up for election at tonight's meeting at 6:30PM at Amelie's.  These positions are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Ways and Means Chairperson, Quality of Life Chairperson, and Neighborhood Watch Chairperson.
  • The first four are fairly self-explanatory.
  • The Ways and Means Chair has typically been responsible for finding funding for any project the neighborhood would like to complete through seeking out donations or grants.
  • The Quality of Life Chair has been responsible for such things as working with Code Enforcement, neighborhood and park clean-ups, and working with the City to get sidewalks and speed humps installed.
  • The Neighborhood Watch Chair has worked as a liaison between the neighborhood and the police to deal with any crime issues.
If you would be interested in serving the neighborhood in any of these positions, please come tonight.  We will have nominations for the positions--you may nominate yourself.  We may go ahead and hold the elections as well if everyone is in agreement, as some Board positions have been empty, and the others will have current Board members stepping down from their positions tonight.

For more information about the Board positions, please take a look at the PDF of the VHCO Bylaws.  Feel free to ask any questions at the meeting tonight, as well.

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