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Tuesday September 10th, 2013

Help Villa Heights Grow...a Garden


Uptown Charlotte Skyline from Cordelia Park by Cassie Garrett

By Cassie Garrett

Villa Heights is applying for a Neighborhood Matching Grant to fund a Community Garden in Cordelia Park.  We all know we reap what we sow, so we need your help in making this garden a reality.

A Neighborhood Matching Grant is a grant for which neighborhoods can apply in order to get help funding specific projects.  Once approved, the Grant will then match the funds that are raised by the neighborhood.  How is the amount that they match determined?  They calculate the value of actual cash raised, value of supplies, and value of skills committed.  Additionally, there is a monetary value assigned for each volunteer hour.  The total number of volunteer hours committed will then be matched with actual monetary funds.  

The first thing that is needed is 10 volunteers each to gather 10 volunteer pledges. A pledge is a volunteer’s signature/commitment to a number of volunteer hours to which they can donate to working in the garden. The immediate goal for each volunteer is to achieve a total of 110 volunteer hours. For instance, you have a person that can commit to a total of 5 hours and another that can commit 6 hours.  Some folks may want to commit 11 hours or even 20 hours.  The hours would be spent over a period of time, for instance, 2 hours on a Saturday morning to help dig and aerate the areas where the plants will go, and another 3 hours the next arranged date to actually plant the vegetables and fruit trees.  And with many volunteers, there will be many different projects and dates from which they can choose to use their hours.  The deadline to obtain these pledges is the end of this week, so expediency is a must.  Additionally, we need commitments of anything such as skills, tools, cash, plants, and more.

The Grant will be applied in a bulk submission for some key projects that will be moving forward in our neighborhood, as discussed at our Villa Heights Community Organization meetings.  This includes the following:

  • Community Garden in Cordelia Park
  • Villa Heights branding and signage, which will include metal signs created by a local artisan and the updating of the neighborhood website

Where we really need support right now is for the Community Garden.  If you have expressed interest in this in the past or want to jump on the garden train right away, please email Parker at  

Thanks to all of you neighbors that are working towards the betterment of our environment, health and happiness in Villa Heights.

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